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Holiday house ‘t Hov

In Passchendaele, an international symbol of the violence of the First World War in its most gruesome form, lies ‘T Hov’. In 1917 the Battle of Passchendaele took place here. The result was dismal. After 100 days, only eight kilometers had been gained in terrain. The cost was enormous: more than 600,000 victims on both sides.

However, it is from around the 1700s that ‘T Hov has its origins, then as a small farm where people worked hard every day, on and off the field.

Things went badly in the region around Passchendaele during WWI. The farm also had to die and was completely bombed. However, the family did not give up and rebuilt them completely.

Around 1977 the farm passed from father to son and in the following years 2 daughters were also born into the family. During their childhood, the young girls found it only natural that they often found old bombs on and around the farm and that they played with shells made of bullets from bygone war times.

It wasn’t until later in life that the sisters realized that these were not the most common toys.

Today, so many years later, the farm has been transformed into what it has become today: a beautiful, quietly located holiday home where hopefully for many years to come, families, friends, sports clubs, … will be able to experience nice moments, in the place where there was once so much suffering used to be.

It is therefore with great pleasure that ‘T Hov can already be introduced to you a little bit on this page and where you can already dream away from many pleasant moments in the beautiful region that is Passchendaele and its surroundings.

We wish you a stay full of peace, nature and fun!

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Escape the hustle and bustle for a while and enjoy the blissful Passchendaele. Relax with your family and discover the rich environment full of activities for young and old.